Compass Group Ltd History

When researching Compass Group PLC I didn’t quite grasp the company’s size and impact until I looked at their history. Although Compass group PLC has been operating in Australia for over 15 years they have been contributing food to Australian clients for over four decades. The company was actually formed in the UK during 1941. Since then there has been many substantial factors contributing to their success. The list below outlines some of the key components of their history.

1941: Group founded in the UK as, Factory Canteens Ltd

1967: Bateman & Midland Catering acquired by Grand Metropolitan and eventually merged as

Grand Met Catering Services

1969: Compass Group (Australia) PTY Ltd established

1988: Compass Group PLC registered on the London Stock exchange

1994: Canteen Vending acquired

1999: GR SA, joint venture formed in Brazil

Compass Group in Australia Established

Eurest Australia Created

2000: Merger with Granda Group creating Granda: Compass

Partnership with Levy Restaurants announced

2008: Acquired remaining 50% of GR SA (Brazil)

2010: Acquired Life’s a Party Group (Australia)

2011: Acquired Heritage Catering Services (Australia)

One of the key parts of their timeline was their choice to go international. This decision made trading a lot easier for the company and really broadened their opportunities as an international organisation. Setting up their business in countries like Australia meant the company didn’t have to ship supplies from the UK. This would have significantly cut their cost and opened up opportunities to work with more companies in Australia.

If you are interested in reading more about the Groups History or want to read more upon their timeline the link is provided below:

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  1. Hi Nathan

    I have found this post to be very interesting and has left me wanting to learn more. I really liked how after you listed the major events you indicated one key event out of the rest and explained it in more detail. It would be great to see you expand on some of the other events you listed above as well rather than just one. This could possibly expand your knowledge as to why your company is so successful today, and it would also help the reader to get a better understanding as well.

    Kind Regards

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